1 to 4 USB 3.0 4-Port High Speed Hub with Power Port – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

4-port USB3.0 high speed read
High speed points
Let your computer connect U disk, hard disk,
Mouse, card reader, etc.
5Gbps theoretical value high speed transmission
High-speed USB 3.0 interface for easy transmission of large files
One step faster
No keyboard connection delay
The mobile phone is connected to a large screen TV/monitor.
Playing games is fun
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Have you encountered such annoyance?
The laptop interface is not enough (after connecting the keyboard and mouse, there is no place to insert the U disk, mobile hard disk,
Mobile phone charging, USB fan, cooling fan base,
USB small desk lamp, hand warmers, etc.)
B. All-in-one USB is at the back of the machine. Every time you have a meeting to copy files, you always get up and plug the USB drive into the computer.
Behind the copy, I must get up again
Support four simultaneous use
USB3.0 special bold copper core, more power supply, can connect at the same time
1TB hard drive, keyboard, mouse, U disk, etc.
Independent power supply interface
With power supply interface, if you need to add 1TB or more large-capacity hard disk
Only need one Android data line + charger to supply power
Supports 5V1A power supply
Supports 5V2A power supply
Supports 5V4A power supply

Supports common US B devices
Support U disk, keyboard, mouse, mobile hard disk, USB fan, USB desk lamp
USB Hand Po, Reader, Radiator, USB Mosquito Repellent, Mobile Phone Tablet
Recharging and other USB devices
Product parameters
Product model number: OTN-8102B
Wire length: 750MM
Name: USB3.0 four-port HUB
Interface Type: USB3.0
Material: ABS plastic
Applicable equipment: Android system equipment
Colour: Black

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