100Pcs Flexible Montessori Chenille Sticks for Children Kids, Pipe Cleaner Stems Craft


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Overview and Specifications:

Specifications: Length 30cm, diameter of about 0.6 cm
Quantity: about 97-103 roots, because artificial count, may be less 1-3 root, is a normal error range. If you can not accept, please do not buy, Thank you for understanding!
1, any shilly-bent rods, bold and creative performance modeling.
2, a bold attempt to foster children, courage to explore and spiritual expression.

Shilly-stick, this is because the shilly-stick wire and fluff composed by two, so although the shape looks very soft, but when you just twist it, it looks like you are always able to keep twist after a while are not restored.
Spin rods are widely used in European countries DIY handmade nursery curriculum, making the plane paste painting or small animal's tail, cartoon, characters, various shapes can be produced, as long as their imagination, creating infinite, it is the development of intelligence, hands-on brain good toys.

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