2″ Car Green LED Digital Clock w/ Temperature Voltage Display – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Display dimension: 61 x 29 x 17.5mm, installation dimension: 58 x 26 x 17.5mm;
With 4 display modes: time display only; temperature display only; voltage display only; time, temperature and voltage display in turn;
Voltage range: 0~33V, error: +/-0.02V;
Power supply: 7~30V;
Temperature: -20~70'C, NTC thermistor probe, waterproof, with 1~2'C precision;

Operating Instruction:
Keyboard plate has two keys: S (Setting), M (Mode);
Short press M to select clock, second, voltage, temperature display modes, each time you press it, it will switch to different mode;
Long press M until it displays ALL to enter the time – voltage – temperature circular display mode, each one displays for 5s;
Short press M again to Exit the circular display mode, and enter time display mode, press S key;
Short press S to enter adjusting hour and minute mode (the current adjusted mode will in strobe when adjusting), press M to adjust;
Short press S to exit adjustment mode.

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