20-Mode Stress-Reduction Don’t Touch Toy Cute Tiger Wooden Useless Box w/ Voice for Kids


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Overview and Specifications:

There is a funny toy named Useless Box, once you pressed the button, a tiger would show up and try to close the box, it sounds boring, uh-huh? Well, that's not all, let me make an example first, did you ever try to tease someone with the same way again and again until him or her goes crazy? That's right, the tiger has 20 diffenent random modes, just like someone you're teasing, they don't want to pay any attentions to you in the beginning and slowly began to crazy as your behave progresses, the only difference is that you'll never became black and blue at the end. So why don't you just prepare one on your desk for the bad mood? All you need are 3 AA batteries, and then a laugh will be gived back to you. I'll tell you what, the box named useless box, not a disspointed one, so pls don't be hesitate .

Very Funny: every time you flip the switch on, a little tiger pops out and turns itself off
Touch it again and again, the Tigers will have a variety of reactions, a lot of fun
A good toy to pass the time,you will enjoy with itUseless box, a perfect Practical Jokes gift

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