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2Pcs D2S 12V 35W 8000K Car Vehicle Light Headlight, HID Xenon Bulbs


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Overview and Specifications:

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. HID lights are the brightest auto lights today. In HID lights, the filament is replaced by the Xenon gas. When exposed to high voltage, the gas is ignited and produces a beam of light which is 3 times brighter than the regular halogen bulbs.
Advantages of HID Lamps:
Strong power saving: a xenon lamp is 35W,greatly reduce the load on the vehicle electrical system, the power loss save 40% corresponding increase in vehicle performance, energy conservation.
35W xenon lamp produces 3200 lumens of light, brightness increasing by 300 percent, with long and ultra-wide-angle broad vision, to bring you an unprecedented driving comfort sense, let the night is no longer dark.

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