3.5mm Digital to Analog Audio Converter Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with Volume Control


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Overview and Specifications:

Product function focuses on:
1: the volume knob with the switch, this product can be controlled  according to the needs of the user.
2: the product has a built-in high fidelity amplifier chip, the left and right  channels and the headset output can directly drive the 8 – 300  European impedance earphones or satellite audio.
3: support digital optical fiber coaxial digital input output (digital optical  fiber to digital coax)
4: support digital coaxial input digital optical fiber output (digital coax to  digital fiber)
5: support for digital optical fiber, coaxial analog audio R / L 3.5mm  headset output.
6: input interface fiber, coaxial.
7: output interface, optical fiber, coaxial, simulated right and left channel  analog 3.5mm headset output

Digital to analog audio converter can be used for the family or  professional video switch, it is possible to convert the coaxial cable, or  Toslink audio signal digital analog L / R and 3.5mm audio, at the same time, through standard style Jack RCA or 3.5mm line audio peripheral  as an amplifier of power.
1) to convert the digital audio signal in the fiber optic cable Toslink or in  analog audio control and 3.5mm audio output.
(2) entry 24 bit D / PDIF audio signal through the signal SPDIF.
3) in the electromagnetic noise of transmission.
4) with the knob to regulate the volume, you can adjust the volume.

Power: DC 5 V
Entrance: time delay, coaxial
Export: L / R, time delay, coaxial, 3.5mm audio
Support sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz kHz: 32, 48, 96 kHz and 192  kHz kHz.
Impedance of earphones: 16 to 300ohm
Maximum output power: 200 MW (MW 16ohm (20), 300ohm)
Size: 81x71x25mm

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