30-Piece Breathable Snore Stopper, Easy Sleeping Anti-snoring Nasal Strips Lip Sticker For Children Adults As the Picture


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 111 Material: Stop stickers
Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O Work Mode: AUTO
Type: Other

Product Name: Stop Sticker
Specification: 30pcs/box
Utility: Change the way of breathing by closing your lips
How to use: Peel the back sticker, close to the upper and lower lips, and stick it at the center of the mouth. Use plant glue, it will not hurt the skin, and it will be elastic with the lips. The product is disposable. Please use one night. paste

1: Japan imported, mild and no stimulation, one post can alleviate snoring
2: Effectively reduce the snoring, mildly stop immediately, and severely use the patient continuously.
3: Convenient, don\'t worry about falling, designing for the post, convenient and easy
4, Safe, after skin irritation test, not allergic, safer to use
5, Quick effect, natural stop snore