3M 10197 Welding Glasses, Security Laser Glasses Clamshell Double Layer Anti-welding Arc Anti-shock Safety Goggles Green


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 3M-10197

1::3M 10197 welding goggles flip front cover design, easy lens
replacement, is currently used directly on the market with black shade green 5
IR5.0 polycarbonate lens welding goggles, effectively blocking 99.9% and 98% of
infrared, weight ratio ordinary The glass lens is light and has excellent impact
resistance, the scratch resistant coating of the lens can effectively extend the
life of the lens, the length of the headband is adjustable and the wearing is
more comfortable.

2: It has the certifications of American ANSI Z87.1-2010 and
China GB14866-2006, which is resistant to high-speed particle impact and safer
to use.

3: Use: Suitable for gas cutting, brazing, brazing, aluminum
welding, welding!

Welding damage to the eye:

The welding operation produces strong arc radiation, especially
UV and IR damage to the eyes.

The prevalence of electro-optic eye disease, chronic
blepharitis, conjunctivitis, lens opacity, chronic blepharitis, and
conjunctivitis increased with age.

The main damages from excessive exposure to UV light are
photosensitivity keratitis, welder cataracts and infrared radiation.

Workers exposed to excessive UV radiation will be at risk for
non-melanocyte skin cancer and other chronic diseases such as ocular

Product Name: 3M-10197 Arc Welding Goggles

Material: Polycarbonate

Color: green + black

Size: 18.5*9cm

Weight: 220g