45M Premium Waterproof Camera Housing Case Shell for Gopro Hero 7/6


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Overview and Specifications:

1. The movement of camera waterproof casing 45 meters PC + toughened glass (lens photochemical membrane plating respectively, pervious to light membrane, waterproof membrane)
2. As used in the bottom temperature waterproof shell, it is recommended to use anti-fog, avoid alternating produce fog, which affect image quality.
3. If taken in environments without waterproof and dustproof, advice directly using the camera, do not need to add the waterproof shell.
4. The waterproof shell meets your deep dive at the same time. It can also effectively protect the camera lens from falls, scratches, scrapes and dust.
5. After receiving the waterproof shell, please check yourself to ensure safety. Make sure that the lock catch and the back cover are fastened and soaked in water for one night.