A21 Portable Dual T6 Head USB Rechargeable 4-Mode Bicycle Light Headlight for Outdoor Night Riding – Golden


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Overview and Specifications:

Full set of configuration:
1 x 2 x Cree xm-L T6 lamp + 1 set (4 18650 battery pack capacity 6400MAH DC voltage: 8.4V can work continuously for 2-3 hours) + 1 8.4v 1A charger + 2 O-rings + 1 A 5 * LED butterfly taillight + 1 leather box packaging
To gift box plus 3 yuan, plus 1 yuan color leather case (shoot down the note contact customer service price can)
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1) 2015 ultra-classic exclusive patented design
2) lamp beads Model: 2PCS * United States imported XML U2 lamp beads, life expectancy of 100,000 hours
3) brightness output up to 5000 lumens
4) Built-in intelligent and efficient constant voltage constant current circuit, wide voltage design, you can use the battery to the greatest extent
5) Waterproof design
6) All aluminum alloy shell, the surface anodized
7) efficient and perfect aluminum vacuum mirror reflector
8) tempered lens, high transmittance, scratch resistant
9) Low battery warning
10) 4-speed switch mode: weak, medium and strong (long press 3 seconds burst flash)
11) 100-240v charger (LED shows charging and full state)
12) 6400mAh battery pack (optional high capacity waterproof silicone battery pack)
13) Color: black, red, blue, gold

– Input voltage: 8.4V DC
– Rated power: 20W
– Battery Model: 18650 lithium battery
– Battery capacity: 6400mah
– Adapter input voltage: 100-240V AC
Adapter output: 8.4V DC 1A
* Lamp size: 62 * 27 * 42mm
* Light weight: 112g

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