All-in-one USB3.0 Type-C High Speed Card Reader – White


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Overview and Specifications:

Most notebooks, desktops, tablets and even mobile phones will adopt Type-c in the future.
Interface, new MACBOOK, Nokia N1 tablet, LeTV mobile phone
Has been adopted, it is unsightly
Support Type-C (contempt) interface phone
Adopt new USB3.1Type-C interface specification
High speed transmission
SD/Micro can be read using USB3.1Type-C interface technology
And a variety of cards, while providing high-speed transfer rates of up to 5GBPS, to a large extent
Increased data transfer rate and security
Plug and Play support for hot swap
Plug and play, all USB ports support hot swap, speed up to 5GBPS, automatic identification
Digital equipment, 200 times per day ∪Sb port plug test, 180/day socket test
|Support Double-sided blind insertion
New USB3.1TYPE-C interface specification, the interface is very thin to support the front and back
Blind plugging, more convenient and more durable
Double-sided joint design
The upper and lower ports are identical
Exquisite, compact, safe and non-toxic
The outer surface is made of high-strength ABS material matt finish to make it feel comfortable and non-toxic.
No taste, no harm to the human body, gentle and domineering
Intelligent compatible stable transmission
Fully compatible with Samsung (SAMSUNG) mobile phone TF card, Meizu mobile phone TF card, Xiaomi mobile phone TF (micro-SD)
Mobile phone card; fully compatible with Canon SLR cameras, Nikon anti-CF cards, SD cards, etc.