Anti-eavesdropping Anti-stealing Wireless Signal Automobile GPS Detector


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Overview and Specifications:

Smart phones are widely used, and virus software is implanted to steal information, which is very serious. g318 is designed by a former Huawei technology engineer to solve the problem that previous detectors were unable to detect and capture CDMA, 4g and other signal frequencies. , can accurately find out: monitor, tracker, car tracker, line camera, wired camera, electrical radiation source, etc. . . . . . Can effectively prevent infringement and fraud, and protect personal privacy data and information confidentiality.
The functions are as follows:
1 ), with automatic detection function, the host portable, when in the environment has a eavesdropper, pinhole camera,
Casino gambling, etc … the host computer will automatically shake your body to warn of danger.
2 ) it has a signal strength indicating that the display lamp can quickly find the source of the signal.
3 ) adjust the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. ( increasing sensitivity, widening detection range or decreasing sensitivity, shortening )
Applicable population:
1. frequent use of banks
4. people who often go to public entertainment places to spend money;
5. people who often go to various shopping malls to try them on;
6. those who respect their personal stability and others' stability;
7. persons who contact and keep trade secrets;
8. security personnel in commercial and technical secret places;
9. professionals who are anti – candid and anti – eavesdropping;
Scope of application:
◇ detect whether your car or office is equipped with wireless eavesdroppers or wireless eavesdroppers.
◇ detect whether the mobile phone is eavesdropped or abnormal ( sending signals to the outside for no reason when waiting ).
◇ detect whether your car is being followed by GPS, GPS position tracker.
◇ detect whether your working environment and residential buildings have radiation from the roof base station.
◇ detect the receiving and sending signals of mobile phone short messages, mobile phone internet access signals, mobile phone switches and call signals.
◇ detecting the field strength of wireless network signals, cell phone base station signals, and wireless monitoring system.
◇ detecting whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human body.
◇ detect whether there is strong radiation called " cell phone killer" in the environment.
◇ detect whether there are suspicious radio signals in the environment.
◇ detect more covert 5.8 GHz wireless camera and wireless monitor signals.
◇ check wireless cameras in hotels, restrooms, hotels, entertainment venues and dressing rooms.
◇ business negotiations, invigilation sites in schools, factories, military facilities or government agencies.
◇ withdraw money from ATM machines, cinemas, concerts, art galleries or museums, etc.
◇ buy a building and first detect the presence or absence of electromagnetic radiation harmful to human health.
High sensitivity and strong anti – interference
The newly upgraded sensitivity chip is strong in anti-interference and can quickly find hidden video and audio equipment such as cameras. the closer the detector is to the listener, the more the alarm drops sound, the more the indicator lights will light up.
This product can only detect wireless eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras, and cannot detect non-wireless devices ( such as recording pens, mobile phones and videos )
Frequency range: 1 MHz – 8000m Hz
Indication mode: level 9 led light emitting tone sandhi indication
Power supply: built-in 3.7v1500 ma lithium polymer battery
Working current: 60 ma
Detection sensitivity: ≤ 0.03 MW
Detection range: 2.4 GHz wireless camera: standard 10mw camera
1.5 GHz wireless camera
Mobile phone signal: 2g / 3g / 4g 3 – 15m

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