ARCHON D15VP White Red CREE LED 1300 Lumens 110 / 30 Degree 100m Diving Flashlight Video Spot Light


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Overview and Specifications:

Model: D15VP
Brightness: White Video Light 1300 lumens;
White Spot Light: 860 lumens, Red light:200 lumens                                                            
Max runtime: High: 90min, Low: 120min Red light:180 min                                                                                                                          
Body material:durable aircraft-grade aluminum
Angle of light beam: 110° Video light, 30°Spot light 
Operation voltage: 4.5v to 2.8v. 
Surface treatment: premium type III hard-anodizing. 
Color: black 
Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery x 1. 
With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection 
Waterproof: 100 meters underwater
Impact resistance: 1.5M. 
Size: 134(length)*24(dia. of body)*36mm (dia. of head)  

Diving note:
1. Flashlight structure, especially, and the use of professional tools for installation. Disassemble the flashlight is likely to cause damage.
2. Check carefully before each dive flashlight waterproof circle itself, if broken, must be promptly replaced. Ensure two waterproof ring intact.
3. After each dive, please rinse the outer surface of flashlights, flashlight inside and outside until dry and then stored properly. 

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