Bicycle 5LED Bicycle Taillights Warning Lights LED Flashlight Bicycle Light


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Power Supply: Battery Mounting Placement: Seatpost

1. It adopts 5 red glare LED heads, which is more energy-saving and safer than ordinary bulbs. It is not easy to be damaged during use. Traditional bulbs generally have a continuous service life of only tens of hours, while LED bulbs have a lifespan of 100,000. Hours, no need to consider the problem of replacing the bulb. The light emitted by the red filter is no longer glaring and will not affect the safety of the pedestrians or vehicles behind it,
2, the product is small in size, durable and energy-saving, using 2 No. 5 batteries, can be used normally for 1-3 months,
3, the new sealed packaging, beautiful appearance and powerful,
4. Strengthen the waterproof design and easily cope with the harsh environment in the wild,
5, with 5 lights long and flashing two lighting modes to meet your different needs,
6, with a fixed tail, easy to install and disassemble.
[name] bicycle taillight
[color] red (pictured)
[material] engineering plastics

[Packaging] independent card packaging

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