Bside ACM82 TRMS AC Clamp Meter


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Overview and Specifications:

Bside ACM82 TRMS AC Clamp Meter Auto-Ranging 6000 Counts 0.001A Resolution Current Frequency Temperature Tester with Pocket Clip
Design concept: function integration, test integration.

AC/DC voltage, AC Current (by jaw minimum 1mA), DC Current (by terminals minimum 0.1uA)Temperature, Frequency, Capacitance, DC microampere, Resistance, LIVE wire check, Dangerous voltage alert, with such a small size it meets the rules of the state has made the most perfect functions. LIVE wire check function and V ~ alert function conveniently quickly identify mains connection status.
Display double line shows, can display voltage or current and frequency at the same time. LoZ, low impedance voltage detection, very suitable for maintenance industry
We optimize the jaw, increased the pens and hustle, easy one-handed operation. We optimize jack position, better security and aesthetics, reduced the foreign body into the dust. We have added back hooks, convenient to carry

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