CTSmart 3665338 Multifunction Outdoor EDC Watch with Survival Paracord Bracelet, Flint, Compass, Thermometer – Desert Camouflage


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Overview and Specifications:

Material: nylon, size: 26 * 2.5cm, unwinding the total length of the ropes: 3-3.2M, composition: umbrella rope, survival whistle,

saw rope knife, magnesium rod, thermometer, compass, waterproof watch. Apply: outdoor mountaineering, camping, hiking, cycling,

leisure and so on. Features: easy to carry, light weight, multi-function, stylish appearance. Suitable for everyday wear bracelet

jewelry, highlighting the identity of your outdoor game player, if necessary, can be opened as a rope used. [Survival] Bell in the

Bell used in emergency situations can stop bleeding, making traps, temporary tent tied, wear sets of equipment to prevent loss and

so on, do emergency help! Umbrella rope diameter of 3 mm, single rope tension in about 220 kg. Monochrome bracelets open umbrella

length of about 3-3.2 meters, two-color bracelets open umbrella rope single root about 1.8 meters. Convenient fashion, small stuff

for big use, the critical moment can come in handy, outdoor players essential supplies. Survival watch can quickly disassemble when

you are in need of rope, into a completely lifelong weight-bearing rope. Emergency situations can stop bleeding to make traps

Bundling temporary tent cutting rope wear equipment to prevent loss, etc., can be used for emergency help! Bracelet buckle can be

used as an emergency whistle. The materials used in the bracelet are special Umbrella Rope, the same with the rope used in marine

vessels, with corrosion-resistant, anti-aging advantages. Sometimes a rope may be your life.

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