CTSmart Multi-Purpose Outdoor Riding One-Piece Safety Helmet – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Material: EPS + PC, Size: Free Size Suitable head circumference 58-62cm Most people's head are suitable. Number of holes: 22 holes,

made of EPU impact factor material, combined with one piece, single structure design, make it before and after the connection,

each other. External hard and soft structure, solid external density can effectively disperse the external force, while the soft

internal density can effectively absorb the impact energy. So that the wearer can withstand the impact of accidental impact to

maximize the proliferation of protection of the user's life safety. Shock absorbing molecular structure uniform size, compact

arrangement, even after the impact of cracks we can quickly find the naked eye and promptly replace the damaged helmets,

reducing the potential safety hazard. Using the latest improvements in the Wa Wa technology, without affecting the appearance of the

case to achieve the effect of reducing the weight of the cap. Helmet essentials: riding a bicycle helmet during cycling reduces the

chance of damage to the head by up to 80%; wearing helmets reduces the risk of serious head injuries to their head by 85% in crash

accidents; People feel cool, and really cool. At the same time, vents in the helmet make the head feel cooler. To add a helmet to

protect the head principle is that the helmet can make the head hit a relatively slow stop, but if not wearing a helmet on the

ground hit the head, the brain will often cause bleeding edema, and the helmet in the polymerization Of the ball can absorb the

impact force, to avoid the occurrence of these unfortunate events.


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