DC0-100V/50A LED DC Dual Display Digital Current and Voltage Meter w/ Red and Blue Display + Shunt


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Overview and Specifications:

Operating voltage:DC 4.5 ~ 30V 
Measure voltage: DC 0 ~ 100V 
Minimum resolution(V): 0.1V 
Measure current :2A (measure directly,built-in shunt) 
Minimum resolution(A): 0.01A 
Operating current: <20mA 
Display: three 0.28" LED digital tube 
Display color: Red and Blue (two-color display) 
Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 21mm 
Mounting cutout: 45.5 x 26.5mm 
Refresh rate: about 500mS / times 
Measure accuracy: 1% (?1 digit) 
Operating temperature: -10 to 65?c 
Operating Humidity: 10 to 80% (non-condensing) 
Working pressure: 80 to 106 kPa 
Applications: Suitable for automotive/electric cars/motorcycles battery monitoring or other products voltage current measurement 

Black line (thin): vacant or buck circuit (module) negative 
Red line (thin): power supply+ 
Black line (thick): COM, common measuring 
Red line (thick): PW+, measuring terminal voltage input positive 
Yellow line (thick): IN+, current input+ 
(Please refer to the wiring diagrams for more details) 

The voltage between the thin red and thin black lines must be within DC 4.5-30V 
The ammeter can only be connected to the negative of the device under test 
10A below ammeter (include 10A), built-in shunt, does not require external shunt 
When the black thin line vacant, it is better to use insulating tape around the exposed part of the wire, to prevent short circuits 
If just be used as a voltmeter, it is recommended that the yellow line and the black line were connected together, to prevent the ammeter digital flashing 

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