ESAMACT 200mm Digital Protractor Inclinometer Goniometer Level Measuring Tool Electronic Angle Gauge Stainless Steel Angle Ruler


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Overview and Specifications:

This digital protractor combines ruler and protractor, can measure both length(in metric/imperial unit) and angle. It calculates angles accurately and shows on the digital display clearly. Made of stable stainless steel, great for various fields.

Practicability: it can both measure length (0-200mm/0-8 inches) and angle(0-360°) quickly and accurately.
Wide Applications: woodworking, adjusting angles of saw, vehicle maintenance and repairing, construction, drawing, etc.
Digital Display: instant and clear digital readout for easy viewing.
Easy Operation: 3 buttons to achieve all functions: reset function, hold data function, reverse display function.
Convenient Locking Screw: it helps lock two rulers so that the protractor can be held at any angles by it.
Low Power Consumption: powered by a CR2032 button cell(not included).
Stable and Portable: made of stainless steel, compact structure for convenient carrying.

Operating Instructions:
1. Press HOLD/Rev. button to hold the data("H" will appear on the upper left corner). To return to measure mode, press the button again.
2. Press HOLD/Rev. button for 3 seconds to get reverse display.

Material: stainless steel + plastic
Measuring Range: 0-360°; 0-200mm(8 inches)
Resolution: 0.05°
Accuracy: ±0.3°
Repeatability: 0.05°
Battery: 1 * 3V CR2032 button cell  

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