ESAMACT Music Alarm Clock, Multifunctional Mini Bedroom Clock, Suports Radio / LCD Display


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Overview and Specifications:

1.LCD clock display features, highlighting backlight (12/24 hours can be switched)
2.Alarm function: dual alarm clock settings, alarm is builted-in and dazzle bell, can adjust the volum of the bell.
3.Backlit LCD for clock and menu functions, with 5 dimming levels
4.Snooze/Sleep functions
5.The temperature display function, the built-intemperature sensor module,can display the extenal enviroment temperature in real time (degree celsius /Farenheit can be switched)
6.Full LCD Display large size TN 82*40mm size
7.Dual USB charging function, can charge for Ipad(2.1A) and Phone(1.1A) At meantime
8.FM radio function.(87.5-108MHz)
9.AUX/Audio Function, it can connect with Mp3,Mp4,Computer,Mobile Phone