Geekworm 0.96 Inch 128×64 Pixel OLED Shield Display Module for Arduino SMT32 C51 Raspberry PI


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Overview and Specifications:

High resolution: 128×64, high PPI
Large viewing angle: more than 160°
Ultra-low power consumption: normal display 0.06w (far lower than TFT display)
Wide voltage supply (3V~5V), compatible with 3.3V and 5V level logic, no level conversion chip required
The IIC interface only needs 2 IOs to light up easily
Operating temperature range is industrial grade (-20 °C ~ 70 °C)
Provide rich multi-platform sample code
The color of the light is white
Driver chip: SSD1306
Module interface: I2C,①-VCC,②-GND,③-SCL,④-SDA
Module size: 27.3×27.8(mm)

Screen Size0.96 Inch Scren TypeOLED Control ChipsetSSD1306 Resolution128*64 (Pixel) InterfaceIIC, ①-GND, ②-VCC, ③-SCL, ④-SDA(note as below) Effective display area21.744×10.864(mm) View angle>160° Operating temperature-20℃~70℃ Operating Voltage3.3V / 5V
①-GND: OLED power GND②-VCC: OLED power (3.3V~5V)③-SCL: OLED IIC bus clock signal④-SDA: OLED IIC bus data signal

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