GSM/CDMA 900MHz 2100MHz Dual-band Cell Phone Signal Booster, 2G/3G Cell Signal Repeater Amplifier Kit


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Overview and Specifications:

GSM/3G 900/2100MHz

Frequency Range:GSM Up Link 890-915MHz Donw Link 935-960MHz3G Up Link 1920-1980MHz Donw Link 2110-2170MHz

Gain(dB):Uplink 60±3 dB Downlink 65±3 dB

Band flatness(dB):≤3

Output Power(dBm):Uplink 23 Downlink 27

Group delay(uS):≤1


Working tempreture:-25~+55 degree

Connector type:N-Female

Working voltage:AC110V~220V to DC+12V/2A

Size:235*142*37 mm

Weight of host:1.1KG

Package weight:2.9KG

GSM/3G (900/2100MHz) product list


Indoor antenna *1 (with 3 meter line)

Outdoor antenna*1

10 m feeder *1

Power supply*1

Instruction manual*1

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