GT08 Mini OBD Car Real-time GPS Tracker, GSM Vehicle Tracking Device


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Overview and Specifications:

Operating temperature:-20° C to 55° C 
Operating humidity:5% to 95% non-condensing
Network: GSM/GPRS
GSM chip: Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz 
GPS sensitivity:159Db 
Location accuracy:10 meters/ 32.81 ft, 2D RMS
Time accuracy: 1 microsecond synchronous satellite time

OBD standard interface
Build in 180mAh / 3.7V battery
Real time vehicle tracking
GPS tracking device
Work with any 16 – pin OBD interface cars 
Can locate and get the position of your vehicle remotely via GPRS
Support function of map location inquiry
No installation, no wiring harness, simply plug into OBD port
Working model: support GPRS & SMS model
Shock alarm
Low battery alarm
Online Tracking Account:
After you receive package, please check the white sticker (or user manual) on the box
Enter the ID user to login
User: ID number on the device

The OBD tracker is easy to use, no wiring harness, plug and play.
The NO. of the IMEI and ID is the only NO. of the world, which can't change. Only support 2G GSM SIM card. Not available for 3G or 4G and CDMA SIM card.
The ST-902 OBD tracker comes with 16-pin standard interface which can be use to most of cars, because most cars have a OBD interface now. If you don't know, please check your car.
If you have any question or problems after you leave feedback, please contact us and we will do best to solve your problems.
The product can't be exerted in these centuries: Japan, Korea, and North Korea. You can't use the tracker in the country without the 2G SIM card, either.
Before using the online platform, you must set the IP and port of the APN and platform server in your country / region through the SMS command.
If your SIM card has PIN code
The failure of reading SIM card in the tracker may result from the PIN code of your SIM card, please unlock the SIM card on your mobile phone.

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