H4 COB 35W 8000LM Super Bright Far and Near Light Aluminum Car LED Headlight (2 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

Current: H: 2.5A ± 0.2A L: 2.5A ± 0.2A
Power: 35W
Chip Type: COB
Lumens: 8000LM
Color: 6500K
Fan Internal: Yes
Operating Temperature: -40 ° C + 85 ° C
Available Models: H4 / H13 / 9004/9007 H7 / H8 / H9 / H10 / H11 / H16 / P13 / PSX24 / PSX26
Usage: Car headlights
Advantages and features: All-in-one design, plug and play directly.
The entire lamp body made of high quality aluminum alloy material. Japan double ball fan, 12000 rpm, air volume, 20 times more than normal, non-performing rate of less than 0.1%. Light strip with clear boundaries, no spurious or stinging light to improve, made a significant contribution to the driver's safety

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