Intelligent 720P Network IP Camera w/ Infrared Night Vision


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Overview and Specifications:

108 wide angle intelligent network card camera.
108 diagonal angle but 720 p HD camera phone remote viewing infrared night vision wireless wifi anti-theft alarm.
Megapixel shot 1280 * 720 p video playback.
1 million HD 720 progressive scan sensor images clear details are not easy to leak.
Wireless connection remote control enables 4 users to watch at the same time.
The device supports wifi and complicated connection. it supports remote viewing and can easily view the situation at home in other places.
The 108 angle of the 2.80 mm wide-angle lens can be an angle.
The equipment uses a 2.80 mm wide angle lens with a viewing angle of 108 degrees to meet the daily monitoring requirements.
Infrared night vision and night shooting are clearly visible.
Double filters automatically switch 6 850 nm patch infrared lamps with a distance of 5 – 10 m to display high definition image quality even in the dark.
Mobile detection alarm leaves danger nowhere to hide.
When an abnormal situation occurs, the device will automatically capture pictures and videos and push the alarm information to app in real time.
Bi-directional voice talkback intelligent noise reduction brings you and me closer.
The hardware design integrates a microphone and a loudspeaker to watch the video, and can conveniently turn on two-way voice talkback to carry out convenient communication anytime and anywhere.
Intelligent wifi connection signal stable transmission.
The built-in wifi module can easily connect with the mobile phone, say goodbye to cumbersome lines, stable signal transmission is limited, and environmental impact factors are reduced.
Personalized appearance, different base, different experience.
The overall shape is simple, generous and dignified.
The equipment has two different styles: basic and standard models. the installation method is no longer single
Multiple storage is optional.
Support cloud storage support up to 128 GTF memory cards support back-end NVR storage.

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