IZTOSS B3068 12V Modified Automobile Instrument 52mm Vacuum Gauge – Silver


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Overview and Specifications:

Product specifications:2 inches in diameter (52 mm)
Product material:Plastic case
Product features: Measurement vacuum
Product color:gray
Product voltage:12V
Applicable environment:The 12V voltage motor is applicable.
Measurement range:30-0 IN. HG
Wiring installation mode:The yellow power supply is positive and the black power supply is negative.
Selling points:
1.New upgrade machine core,Measuring pressure is more accurate and faster.
2.Easy installation, simple wiring, non-destructive installation.
3.Beautiful appearance,ring polishing outer ring, colorful LED LCD display, more cool.
4.12V car general-purpose turbo-charging table, applicable to most models.
5.The number of dial lights is clear and the range of pressure can reach 30 IN. Hg-35 PSI.

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