JEDX 3800Ah Power Bank Case, Battery Charging Ultra Slim External Pack Backup Portable Charger Case for IPHONE X – Pink


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Overview and Specifications:

Model: iPhoneX 
Product material: PC + TPU 
Core type: polymer lithium battery
Capacity: 3800mAh 
Product size: 146*72*13mm 
Product weight: 100g 

1. First, charge the back clamping battery with the original charging head and data cable of the iphone, which takes about 4 hours. The product can be reused, and the battery needs to be recharged when it runs out of power. Do not use for a long time, every two months to charge the product, to ensure that the product is not damaged. 
2. Press the button twice to charge the phone, and press the switch twice to turn off the phone. 
3. The back clamps of the mobile phone can be charged together, which will be first filled with the mobile phone and then recharged with the back clamping battery. 
4. Only genuine apple phones can be charged, but not copycat ones.
 5. The product has a built-in iron plate, which can be attached to the vehicle magnet bracket. 

Product parameters: 
Product type: lithium-ion polymer battery 
Input current: 5V 1A 
Output current: 5V 1A 
Working temperature: 0 ℃ – 45 ℃ 
Cycle life: 500 or greater 
Charging time: 3-4 hours  

1. It is strictly prohibited to use chargers and shanzhai charging wires above 5V voltage to charge the back clamping battery. 
2. It is strictly prohibited to be placed in high temperature environment or in fire. 
3. It is strictly prohibited to use this product in water, which will cause short circuit of circuit board. 
4. It is strictly prohibited to use the product to puncture the product, which will cause the battery to leak and short-circuit.