JEDX Q18 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Sports Mini In-Ear Earphones


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Overview and Specifications:

Matching method:

1. Single ear connection: long press the multi-function button to release the key, when the red and blue light alternately flicker, open the mobile phone bluetooth to search the connection, also can support any other bluetooth device connection. After successful connection, you can listen to music or make a phone call.

2. The ear (TWS) connection: long press two headphones multifunction button at the same time, and then double-click on either side multifunction button in TWS matching state, at the same time, have corresponding prompt when found that only slow blue lights flash represents TWS connection is successful.

Note: the call only supports the unilateral bluetooth headset, the shutdown, playback and suspension can be controlled by any one of the multi-function keys that have been connected to the headset, and the other one will be controlled simultaneously. The next time you boot, press the multi-function button to automatically connect back.