JRLED C6 H3 36W Cool White Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Headlight – DC 12~24V (2PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

1. with the original car lamp cup reflection, the light utilization rate increased by 50%, instant start. Special material to solve the heat heat problem at high temperature. 2.LED integrated design, non – destructive installation, easy installation. 3. directional pressurized air cooling system + high-speed mute fan forced heat dissipation, 6500 laps / minutes, extreme heat dissipation, effectively prolonging the life of the light source. The 4. light source is used to customize the special COB light source, and the copper substrate is encapsulated with the light effect of 100LM/W. 5. energy saving design, 36W reaches 3000 lumen luminous flux, brighter than ordinary car lights, and more energy saving. 6.LED lighting, energy saving 60% than halogen lamp, brightness 2 times. Integrated design of 7. far light 8. lamps with special drive, effectively guarantee the brightness and life of the lamp. 9. the input voltage of the lamp: DC 12-24V 10.30000 hours of super long service life.

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