MoYu Fisher Time Wheel 64mm Smooth Speed Magic Cube Finger Puzzle Toy – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Main Features:

1. MoYu Fisher Time Wheel is an innovation on the basis of standard Time Wheel puzzle. We change the cut style to make it into a shape shifting cube. Both outer layers and inner centers are rotatable, which is an interesting cube. It has smooth turning and good hand feel, stickerless version provides more color choice for you!
2.Stickerless design:Not only does this puzzle come in black and white, but we have made it compatible to be produced in the popular bright stickerless color scheme. 
3.Creative Rotation Mechanism:The cube has unique mechanism, both inner centers and outer layers are rotatable. It has irregular shape after scrambled, which is more interesting and special!
4.Smooth Turning:Due to some pieces are very small, we minimize the hole design of some parts, to make the turning face more stable.