MoYu MF3 3x3x3 Smooth Speed Magic Cube Finger Puzzle Toy 56mm – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Main Features:

1. MF3 belongs to Cubing Classroom 3×3 series, although it is defined as entry-level cube, but it has better overall performance than any other entry-level cubes. Proper round hole increases corner cutting meanwhile decreases deformation, cross feet on edge piece improves the anti-pop ability. Anti-sticky concave brings a more comfortable hand feel, definitely a good puzzle for beginners.
2.Unique cylinder center cap design:Unique cylinder center cap design makes the components of the center piece combined closely, also keep a good hand feel.
3.Anti-sticky concave:Anti-sticky concave avoids the sticky feel, which makes the cube more smooth.
4.Proper inner and outer round holes:Outer part of corner piece uses big round hole, which can increase corner-cutting and avoids bumpy feeling. Inner small round hole makes inner structure more stable and decreases deformation.
5.Concave design on center cap:Concave design on center cap makes the center piece easy to open up, then you can adjust the puzzle easily!

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