MS6812 LAN Network Cable Tester Detector, Telephone Wire Line Tracker Networking Tool As the Picture


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: MS6812 Package: Yes
Type: Cable Tester

Determine whether the cable line is continuous,

Track cable lines and identify where the line is broken,

Accept audio signals in the cable line (telephone line),

Judging the status of the working telephone line (idle, Zhenling, off-hook),

Send a single audio or dual audio signal to the target cable line,

Audio signal: 1.5KHz,

Receiving frequency range: 1000Hz ~ 300KHz,

Battery supply 9V (6F22) × 1,

Size: receiving end 238 × 43 × 26cm transmitting end 145 × 35 × 25cm

Send tone frequency: 1.5kHz

Receive frequency range: 100 ~ 300kHz

Power supply: 6F22 (9V)

Receiver size: 238mm x 43mm x 26mm

Emitter size: 145mm x 35mm x 25mm

Receiver weight: 106g (including battery)