MZ 9007 HB5 LED Headlight Bulb Anti-Flicker Decoder Resistor (4 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

Plug and play for 9007/HB5 LED bulbs into TIPM equipped vehicles (2007 or newer Dodge, RAM, JEEP, or Chrysler), Plugs directly in-line with 9005/HB3/H10/9006/HB4 LED bulbs. No Wire Cutting or Splicing;
TIPM systems read a power inbalance with LED bulbs causing flickering, bulb failure, and even TIPM failure;
50w 6ohm resistors correct the TIPM inbalance and eliminate LED bulb flickering, fix bulb Flashing or Flickering / Cancels Radio Interference and Light Turning off when Engine Starts / Cancels Error Message by OBC;
Resistors get VERY HOT when them work. Must be mounted far away from engine plastic or wiring;
Disclaimer: This decoder can be compatible for most vehicles, yet we can not guarantee it fixes all problems. IF IT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE WILL FIGURE OUT A SOLUTION! 

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