OPEN-SMART Micro USB Pro Mini ATmega8 Development Board Bootloader Programmer Module for Arduino


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Overview and Specifications:

This is a bootloader programmer module based on ATmega8.
With the help of the FC-6P female to female cable, you can use it to upload bootloader for Arduino UNO R3, Mega2560, Leonardo, Pro Mini, Nano when you DIY a new board or the bootloader of your board is broken.
Also you can use it as Nano ATmega8 development board and we lead out the pins for ATmega8. You can solder the pin header and plug it onto the breadboard.
You can use it to test OPEN-SMART long range 433MHz remote kit, buzzer, LED, 4-digit display.
– USB type: Micro USB
– Working voltage: 4.7 – 5.3V
– Working current: 24mA(Max)
– Which board it can upload bootloader to:
Arduino UNO R3, OPEN-SMART UNO R3, Mega2560, Leonardo, Pro Mini, Nano, Lilypad
– Buzzer onboard: first beep tells that it has wrote the fuse bytes into the target chip, and the second beep tells that bootloader is successfully uploaded. This will help you speed up testing process.
– HEART LED onboard: when power up, it will work like breathing light.
– ERROR LED onboard: if there is something wrong, it will light up.
– PROG LED onboard: it will keep blinking until it has done uploading.
– Onboard reset button.
– Great for DIY board

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