OUMILY Red and Green Dot Sight Airsoft Reflex Sight, Supports 20mm Rail Mount – Golden + Khaki


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Overview and Specifications:

The full range of holographic sight is a laser holographic diffractive sight, a revolutionary speed sight that directly observes the point of attack and uses the point of attack as a aim sign. Aim at the fast and accurate shooting.
Uses: for submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and so on
Aiming: it is extremely convenient to let the shooter lock the target in the moment and see the point of play (that is, the aiming sign), even when the weapon is sitting or the target is moving quickly, it is convenient and uninterrupted. aims.
    Shooting: eyes open, line of sight focused on the target, playing the point (that is, aiming sign) and the target coincidence can hit the target, than the standard notched scale aiming much faster.
    Compatible: holographic sights do not hinder the original function of the notched table, when the holographic goggles are turned off, the shooter can use the original notch of the firearm through the mechanical aiming way.
Sharp and clear reticle
10 brightness level red and green dot sight
 Power safe feature, automatic power-off in 2 hours
 Easy to setup, fits any 20mm rail
 Shockproof and weather proof material
 Elevation and leverage adjustment on the side of sight
Operation Instructions:
Upward: brightness adjustment and Turn on Power
Downward: brightness adjustment
NV: Reticle color switching (Red / Green)
Upward + Downward: turn off reticle