Outdoor Key Safe Storage Box Padlock, Aluminum Alloy Password Combination Security Keys Hold Safes For Home Office Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: BH007

Lock type: password padlock
Product parameters:
1. Outer size: 125*85*40mm / inner size 108*67*25mm
2. Material: aluminum alloy
3. Initial password: 0000

Change password method

1. Dial the default code 0000 to open the box
2. Push the reset lever to the B position
3. Set your own password
4. Push the reset lever to the A position
1: The appearance is similar to a small luggage trolley, which is actually a password lock, which can help you to lock small keys such as spare keys, bank cards or small and expensive jewelry,

2: The hanging lock is also convenient for outdoor use. You can fix it on the wall or in the car. It can be used as a key storage box for home, office, factory, parking lot, etc.

3: Excellent quality, aluminum alloy material, will not rust,

4. Simply install the wall: use a few screw holes in the wall.

5. The password is 4 digits (factory default is 0000), you can change the settings yourself, and the operation is simple,