P-TOP USB Air Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier w/ 7-Color Changing LED Night Light – Dark Brown


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Overview and Specifications:

1.Nano-fine mist, humidified air, and uniformly distributed in the air to keep the air humidity
2.About care for the human eyes and skin; the subtle fragrance soothes the mood, relax, promote metabolism, and so on.
3.Products with a humidifier and aromatherapy features, fine mist can eliminate static and reduce electronic product radiation of the original.
4.Touch switch, stylish minimalist, third gear switch adjustment, six colors to choose from
The first grade: light spray
The second grade: material lamp spray
Third grade: closed
Matters needing attention:
The product contact time of no more than four hours
Don't plug the power adapter in water or moist place
More detailed considerations, please refer to the instructions
Please use the regular natural essential oils or aromatherapy oils, if you use contain chemical ingredients or impurities that can cause damage to the product
As a result of abnormal odor, noise, abnormal heat, then the product adapter may fail, please unplug and stop using the adapter from the power socket,
Filled with water, and can generally be used for about 6 hours, depending on the usage environment of the high and low pressure and spray volume size.

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