Portable 1000ML Rabbit Hot Water Bottle, Creative Cartoon Hot Water Bottle With Faux Fur Cover Pink


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: H-696 Product Type: Water-filling Hot-water Bag
Type: Hand Warming Material: PVC

1. Large-capacity water-filled hot water bottle, economical and practical, easy to use, can be used by injecting hot water, warming your hands and warming your feet, adding warmth to your winter,
2. It is safe and environmentally friendly, anti-pressure anti-slip, and the inner liner is transparent PVC bag. It can clearly see the water injection condition and avoid overflow, the outer surface is thick plush fabric, which feels comfortable, the detachable design is easy to clean,
3. The threaded knob has a leak-proof design, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and does not deform, the water inlet is widened to avoid burns when water is injected.

4. Cute plush rabbit pattern, face value burst table, full of fun, self-use gifts are suitable,

Product: Water injection hot water bottle
Material: pvc liner, plush jacket
Color: pink rabbit large
Size: 26*17cm
Water injection capacity: 1000ml

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