Portable Fly Killer Lamp Smart Light Control LED Non-Radiative Mosquito Repellent – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

This product uses LED lights to generate light, can attract the surrounding mosquitoes close to the light source, when the mosquito is close to the light source, the air flow generated by the fan quickly draws the text into the anti-escape net of the destroyer.
Enjoy a comfortable night's sleep and comfort: With this device, it can eliminate all insect mosquito moths. Providing a healthy sleep for you and your baby, enjoying a comfortable and quiet summer night
Input voltage: DC5V-1A
Rated power: 3W-5W
The best area: 10-30 square meters
Suitable for indoor, home, kitchen, office, etc.
With DC5V, plug in the USB directly and tap on the top switch. (Lightly press: Strong wind mode; Tap twice: Mid-range wind power; Tap three times: Silent sleep mode)
If you use the intelligent light control mode control (automatically start or close according to the light intensity), please open the black silicone sleeve on the top light control probe to expose the light probe. At this time, the light control probe will start or close according to the outside light.
Place the mosquito killer lamp within one meter of the room from the ground, avoiding interference from other light sources.
When the power is not turned on, the upper and lower bodies are unscrewed and the mosquito nets are removed.
After the treatment of mosquito residues, tighten the upper and lower body to restore the original.
Built-in 2600 mA battery charge for outdoor use
Leather portable outdoor suspension.