Portable Wireless Digital LED Display Combustible Gas Detector For Home Alarm System White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 001

1: LED accurate concentration display, when the host detects
gas leakage, the screen will display the current value according to the gas
concentration, and will alarm when the alarm value is reached,

2: It can detect various gas, internal micro-processing chips,
and can detect common flammable gases such as liquefied petroleum gas, gas,
biogas, etc.

3: Intelligent networking alarm, built-in wireless signal
transmission module, when the gas leak is detected, it will send an alarm to the
alarm host, (This product does not contain the host, it needs to support the
machines with 315 and 433 frequencies)

4. Suitable for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, cars,
barbecue shops, etc.,

5. This product plug has US regulations / European regulations,
please note,

Material: ABS

color: White

Installation and use:

1. First determine the specific gravity of the combustible gas
and air and then install the gas leak alarm to a suitable position within 1.5M
from the gas source radius.

· Gas – lighter than air, floating high

· Natural gas – lighter than air, floating high

· Liquefied petroleum gas – heavier than air, deposited in low

2. After the power line and signal line are connected according
to the wiring diagram, the power light (red light) flashes, indicating that it
has entered the warm-up state. After about 3 minutes, the red light is off and
the alarm enters the monitoring state. When the sensor is inductively and
intelligently judges that there is a gas leak, the “嘀-嘀” alarm sounding light
(red light) flashes. After the alarm is removed, the alarm automatically returns
to the normal working state.

3. If the sensor fails, the alarm will sound “嘀-”, the fault
light (yellow light) will flash, and the alarm signal will be output. After the
fault is removed, it will automatically return to the normal monitoring