Produino 1.3″ SSH1106 SPI I2C IIC 128X64 White OLED LCD LED Display Module Board 4 Pin for Arduino


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Overview and Specifications:

1.neednt backlight the display unit can self-luminous
2.high resolution:128*64
3.viewing angle:>160
4.OLED screens inside the driver chips : SSH1106
5.Supports many control chip, fully compatible with Arduino 51 series, msp430 series, stm32/2 CSR IC etc.
6.Ultra-low power consumption:full screen lit 0.08w
7.voltage 3v-5vdc temp : -30c-70c
9.spi interface
10.color : White
Pin Description
1.GND: Power ground
2.VDD:2.8-5.5V power supply
3.SCK: CLK clock
4.SDA: MOSI data
5.RES: Reset
6.DC: data / command
7.CS: chip-select signal

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