RXDZ Intelligent Solar Sensor Wall Light for Outdoor Garden Lawn – White


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Solar panel: 5V/2W single crystal
2. Polymer lithium battery: 3.7V/5000mA
3. LED: Power 4.5W, X 35 LED, color temperature 6000 ~ 6500K, lumens 550LM.
4. Material: ABS original plastic material
5. Sensor: Japan imported Nisera Pyroelectric Sensor (also called infrared sensor)
6. Working mode: light control + infrared body induction, sensor lights on for 15 seconds
7. Charging time:> 8 hours (1000W/m2 lighting standard)
8. Working time: Fully charged, 8 hours for the constant light mode, 8 hours for the constant light mode, and 18 hours for the bright light mode.
9. Light sensor full bright mode: specially designed for battery life, rechargeable batteries need to be fully charged after each full charge, in order to fully activate the battery capacity, with the use of cell phone battery a reason, emergency light battery Saturated every day, so the life is short
10. Daylight standby power: <0.3mA
11. Specifications: 180*90*105mm
12. Weight: 0.445KG
13. Rainproof design: Solar products adopt rainproof design, no need to worry about the problem of water intake.

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