SENCART H1 P14.5S Yellow 20x3535SMD LED Car Fog Light, Head Lamp Driving Light


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Overview and Specifications:

1 products using 3030 XP-E LED chips, high brightness, light and weak characteristics;
2 using the new IC drivers.
3 real constant current regulator, stability has increased substantially,
4 Use of software packages the latest high efficiency cooling structure, heat more perfect.
5 is not hot start time rapid response, can shine in microseconds

1 model is consistent with the original car, do not change lines, a direct replacement for the original car glass bulb;
2 lit without delay, low power consumption, is one-tenth of the traditional halogen lamp, energy saving;
3 No filament structure, humpback no fever, vehicle control circuit is not easy oxidation;
4. Luminous high purity, penetration, no shade filter light;
5. The life of up to 3-5 million hours no more than conventional bulbs 2,000 hours;
6. LED are semiconductor solid-state light sources, anti-shock, waterproof, high luminous efficiency, is the green light

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