Solar Powered Outdoor Cycling Bicycle Taillight Tail Lamp 3-Mode – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Bulb 2 LED battery without battery, solar panels that] the sun battery, light mode can shine 4 hours long, flashing mode more than eight hours (the shopkeeper measured, manufacturer factory storage battery can be used for 10 hours, solar battery charging 4 hours available around six to eight hours) mode] three shiny shiny pattern: quick flashing; Bolton's flash;
Long bright without charging the tail lights, no electricity in need can only use tail light material with high strength, high light penetration of solar dedicated toughened glass and high-performance ultraviolet (uv) radiation TPT, EVA sealing material.
DAHON folding car seat tube is too thick for installation.
Only suitable for pipe installation within 30MM diameter.

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