Solar Powered Waterproof Bike Headlight + Horn – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Two charging modes, USB and solar mode with loud speaker, 120 db horn light according to long according to transform a variety of horn sound, press the switch to ring, long press transformation 5 kinds of speaker voice (horn) according to the need to transform, the built-in 800 ma polymer lithium battery, USB charging, automatic power, portable USB charging method, the power system real-time protection bike lights, can connect a computer charge or any USB port plugs, solar panels:Where there is the sun, it can be charged directly, and the light energy can be converted into electric energy to charge the product.
Four LED lights glow white.Save electricity, when full, and use it intermittently for up to 72 hours.Durable, with a service life of up to 30,000 hours;

2. Charging mode is diversified.Under normal conditions, the solar energy can be directly charged under the sun.A computer USB port can also be used to charge the documents in a dark day.
You can also charge your home phone charger when it's cloudy and you don't have a computer.Note that the latter two charging modes need to use the charging connection line with the appropriate interface (this part is not included), and the interface shape is

3. Install the bracket by hand, this bracket has wide application scope (2).2-3.2CM, handlebars of different sizes are all available), easy to install and disassemble.

4. Top transparent panel, high light transmission, anti – fall waterproof.5.Large area amorphous silicon solar charging panel, not other fake products on the market oh, is really rechargeable oh.

6. The shape of this product is beautiful, generous and practical.Real embodiment of the concept of modern popular life: environmental protection, energy saving, practical economy!

Note: this product does not contain USB connection and home charger ~! All the headlights of the batteries and rechargeable batteries, is not excessive discharge, in the use of dark will charge, such as when no electric charge, such as battery life seriously shortened, or no electricity, at this time is too late, the light would be scrapped.
Convenient portable disassembly products, products with three block light source: strong, middle or steam, the product material: ABS, lamp beads, highlighting LDED, product function: horn + lighting, 150 lumens, voltage: 3.7 V power: 0.5 W, suitable diameter, 2.2 3.2 CM,

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