SZKINSTON Shockproof TPU Back Case With Blue Ballpoint Capacitive Pen for IPHONE 7 / 8


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Innovative high-quality TPU, imported anti-hanging TPU material combination, known as the most solid mobile phone case, is keen outdoor sports products of choice.
2. With a multi-angle three-dimensional shock-proof scratch-resistant anti-scratch function, no matter your cell phone falls from any direction, can protect the body from harm.
3. Silicone material specially added the latest material technology, soft, fit the appropriate fit, non-slip, shock and drop features such as full protection of beloved mobile phone is not scratched.
4. Unique all-inclusive plastic phone case, stylish and generous, by domestic and foreign customers like it.
5. Colorful, model complete.
6. High-end ballpoint pen and capacitance pen two special universal design pen.

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