USB 3.1 C-TYPE Male to USB 3.1 C-TYPE Male Adapter Spring Cable – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

1. The latest USB3.1 specification, Type-C interface to achieve positive and negative pluggable, more convenient and durable.
2. tinned copper core wire, standard USB 3.1 Type-C line full function data line.
3. The maximum support for 20V 60W 5A-3A is high charging power, and the transmission speed is 10G. Audio and video output 10K * 2K 3D.
4. Use high quality metal shell and plug, safety, beautiful, good workmanship, quality assurance.
5. The existing type-C mobile phone has no video output function, so it can not transmit audio and video, and for Macbook / Pro computer can use it.
6. Environmental protection soft and elastic TPE Outcover, high light shell.

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