VGA to HDMI Converter with Audio Port, Computer to TV Projector HD Connector Adapter – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

VGA to HDMI Cable with Audio Converter Computer to TV Projector HD Connector Adapter
VGA to HDM | Connector + Audio
With audio (3.5mm standard audio port)
24K gold-plated super wear-resistant design
1D% support 722.0108011080P
Applicable range of products
TV, digital TV, plasma, LCD TV, projector,
The link between audio and other devices.
Audio and video synchronization
New solution to all HDMI | VGA can not achieve audio output problems

Product Features
Types of: VGA (DB15 connector) to HDM| adaptor + Audio (3.5mm standard audio port)
Material: 24K gold-plated super wear-resistant design
Advantage: High-quality conductive material, imported plastic injection molding

VGA to HDMI adapter + Audio for audio synchronization

Product analysis
DVGA (DB15 Connector) Gold Plated Male Head
2 internal fixed mold sets, external environmental protection materials
4 Standard HDM Gold Plated Female Head
3 high strength fixing screw
5) 3.5mm standard audio interface
6) DC5V charging port

Tips: This VGA to HDMI converter does not support the use of set-top boxes; only from the VGA into, HDMI out (host computer connected to the HDMI display device); can not be used in the opposite direction!