VRrobot JO-6281 Car Air Purifier Ionizer Oxygen Ozone Bar


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Overview and Specifications:

Voltage:12 V/DC
Power: <0.8w
-Net Weight: 40G
Concentration of Negative ions : 4,800,000 pcs/cm³
Ozone concentration: < 0.05ppm
Concentration of Ozone: 3 mg/h
Working temperature: -10℃~40℃ (104℉~14℉)
Storage temperature:-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (140 ℉-4 ~℉)
Range of using: < 0.15m3
Application area: Car,office,home
1.Use in car: Plug the device into the car cigarette lighter,  and it will  automatically start working. The blue LED light will be on When it is working.
2.Use Indoors: Plug the device into the home adaptor.To turn off the device, unplug it from the car cigarette  lighter  or  home adapter.