Waterproof 10400mAh 12V Rechargeable Battery with Switch, LCD Display – White


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Overview and Specifications:

Features :  

This Rechargeable battery is a 12V 10400mah Li – ion Battery and it is specially designed for powering the system device which use
12V DC power. You can use this battery to power our powerful wireless transmitter, CCTV camera and so on. Suitable for your need.
Super storage capacity. Built – in ON/OFF switch to save power usage. Large mah value means long battery life. Over – charge/discharge protection.

This type of power supply capacity of 10AH, output voltage 12.6-9.8V, with input and output into a mouth,  female port is the power charging port, male port is the current output port for 12V power supply, the maximum output current of 10A, power supply charging charger for full of red light, green light, and cannot be applied to other load voltage

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